Local Firefighters Union Donate Coats to Kids in Need


In 2012, at the IAFF General Convention in Philadelphia, a resolution was unanimously passed to partner with Operation Warm. The resolution created a new program, Firefighters for Operation Warm. It outlined a USA-Made coat program, branded and designed specifically for IAFF affiliates.


Since 2012, the program has provided 250,000 children nationwide with brand new winter coats. IAFF affiliates who’ve adopted the program have received tremendous publicity and positive reinforcement from their communities and local dignitaries. Year after year, more households across North America will associate the IAFF with the exceptional support they provide to those less fortunate. The Firefighters for Operation Warm program is just one example of firefighters going beyond the call of duty to make a positive impact on their communities.20161109_163138-1


In our community, IAFF Local 135 led efforts to make sure Wichita Kids have a warm coat this winter!